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Enjoy volume discounts on Chatt's exclusive products including neck cases, purse hooks, magnetic eyeglass holders, wine bottle stoppers and Halo Clips. They range from 15 to 45%.

Volume discounts on purse hooks and wine bottle stoppers Neck Case Plus Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Folding Purse Hook Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
Volume Discounts Neck Case Plus Folding Hook with Swarovski Crystals Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Our innovative products feature Swarovski Crystals, natural gemstones and Murano style, hand-painted glass. All Chatt purse hooks, neck cases, magnetic eyeglass holders, bottle stoppers, and custom products have a 100% money back guarantee!

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Clip & Carry Any Mobile Device iPhone 5 Neck Case Custom Purse Hooks Wine Bottle Stoppers