Magnetic Eyegalss Holder Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Folding Purse Hook Swarovski Wine Bottle Stoppers
Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Folding Hook with Swarovski Crystals Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wholesale Purse Hooks, Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, Bottle Stoppers & More

Chatt wholesale purse hooks, wholesale magnetic eyeglass holders, wholesale wine bottle stoppers and other products are assembled in the U.S. from imported parts, featuring Swarovski Crystals, natural gemstones and Murano style, hand-painted glass. Customers love our innovative designs, excellent quality and distinctive gift boxes.

Chatt wholesale purse hooks (aka purse hangers, purse holders, handbag hooks, handbag hangers, and handbag holders) wine bottle stoppers and magnetic eyeglass holders come in distinctive gift boxes. Customers always get a 100% money back guarantee and free shipping on orders over $150 in the U.S. Retailers must register to view wholesale prices.

A wholesale purse hook, aka wholesale purse hanger, wholesale purse holder, wholesale handbag hook, wholesale handbag hanger and wholesale handbag holder works on gravity to hold any purse under a table to clear space, security and to keep it off a dirty floor.

Wireless Heart Cases how to use folding purse hook video how to use purse hook video how to use a magnetic eyeglass holder New wholesale purse hooks video
iPhone Wireless Heart Case How to Use a Folding Hook How to Use a Purse Hook Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Wholesale Purse Hooks

Carry your mobile devices on a lanyard or snap ring with a patent pending, wireless keeper. Super easy to install! Just pull off the seal covering the 3M glue and press on a smooth, flat surface. The glue dries immediately. Works on most wireless cases too! Holds up to three pounds. A tiny magnet holds the ring closed when not in use.

Chatt's Wireless Heart cases are a convenient new way to carry and use your iPhone. Plus, our mobile apps are great for expressing yourself, taking hands-free videos and snapping continuous photos. A quick release pin attaches the case to the lanyard. Press the button to detach the case. Now you can place the case in your pocket or handbag. The pin rotates 360 degrees enabling you to turn the screen towards others and display images or text using Chatt® mobile apps.

Legal Notice; Chatt has a License and Royalty Agreement with Luxe Link, LLC allowing us to legally sell folding purse hooks. Luxe Link owns U.S. patents for using magnets and wrapping the links around the body of folding purse hooks.

Since 2005, Chatt has been your best brand of wholesale handbag hooks, wholesale purse hooks, wholesale purse holders, wholesale purse hangers, wholesale handbag hangers, wholesale handbag holders, wholesale folding purse hooks, wholesale folding handbag hangers, wholesale foldable handbag holders, wholesale wine bottle stoppers, and wholesale magnetic eyeglass holders. Now Chat is the best brand of wine bottle stoppers.