Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Folding Purse Hook Wireless Heart iPhone 5 Neck Case Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Wine Bottle Stopper with Gift Box and Storage Pouch
Folding Hook with Swarovski Crystals Wireless Heart iPhone 5 Neck Case Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Wine Bottle Stoppers, Box, Pouch

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Chatt brand products are assembled in the U.S. from imported parts. Starting in 2005, we have offered top quality products featuring Swarovski Crystals, natural gemstones and Murano style, hand-painted glass. Chatt wholesale purse hooks (aka purse hangers, purse holders, handbag hooks, handbag hangers, and handbag holders) wine bottle stoppers, and magnetic eyeglass holders come in gold accented gift boxes. You always get a 100% money back guarantee and free shipping on orders over $150 in the U.S.

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Best iPhone 5 Neck Case Ever How to Use a Folding Hook How to Use a Purse Hook Magnetic Eyeglass Holder How to Put Cord on Gift Box

Carry your reading glasses or sun glasses on a Chatt magnetic eyeglass holder. Our super strong magnets will hold your glasses secure. Plus, they come in a Chatt gift box or an optional window box for retail display.

Chatt's Wireless Hearts are the best iPhone 5 neck cases ever. A quick release pin attaches the case to the lanyard. Press the button to detach the case. Now you carry your iPhone in your pocket or handbag. The pin rotates 360 degrees enabling you to turn the screen towards others and display images or text using ChattŪ mobile apps.

Chatt's wine bottle stoppers in gold accented gift boxes make wonderful gifts. Plus, they are the only wine bottle stoppers that come with a velvet storage pouch to protect the hand-painted Murano style glass, Swarovski crystals and natural gemstones.