Murano Glass (yellow bird) Long Handbag Hanger


Murano Glass (yellow bird) Long Handbag Hanger
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Our beautiful Murano Style Art Glass handbag hangers are hand painted for maximum brilliance. They come with black velvet carrying pouches. This product is 5 inches long and made of solid steel that holds 20 lbs. We package the handbag hangers in a clear polybag. One year warranty.

A handbag hanger works on gravity to easily hold any handbag under a table or counter for your convenience, security and to keep it off a dirty floor. A solid rubber pad prevents the handbag hanger from sliding. They are also known as a Purse Hanger, Purse Holder, Purse Caddy, Handbag Hook, Handbag Hanger, Bag Hook, Bag Hanger, Holder, Handbag Caddy and Purse Caddy.