Enjoy the convenience, comfort and freedom of a Chatt mobile phone neck case holder.

Use our exclusive Third Arm and Deuce neck case holders to carry, to watch videos, or as a name tag. Plus, never lose your cell phone. Never drop your mobile phone. Never miss another call on your wireless phone.

Name Tag

Need to wear a name tag at work or just want to stand out? Get a custom insert or request a template. Follow the instructions on the Custom Mobile Phone Case page.

Adjustable Lanyard - Strap

Our adjustable lanyards, sometimes referred to as a straps, make carrying your smart phone comfortable and convenient. The lanyard or strap has snap clips that makes detaching the phone quick and easy. You can also purchase Third Arm, adjustable lanyards, separately. Visit our Lanyard Straps page.

Excellent Protection

The slim cases have an air cushion rim that protects your mobile phone against shock. A slightly extended lip protects your screen against damage when dropped. Protruding corners form a shallow indentation, for a better grip.

Single or Double Lanyard Strap Attachment

Some people want to reduce the swinging motion when carrying a phone on a lanyard strap. You should select the Deuce for more stability. The Deuce is the only case with a double connection that reduces movement.

Video Kickstand

Our small kickstands allow you to monitor the display or watch videos.

Express Yourself

Want to express yourself everywhere you go? We will make a custom insert that shows the world your passion. Just follow the instructions on our Custom Mobile Phone Case page.

Chatt products have a 100% money back guarantee and free shipping on orders over $50.

Chatt cell phone neck case holders with straps and Open Carry belt clips are made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.