Carry + Protect + Watch + Promote Your Business or Express Yourself = Third Arm Neck Case

Want more customers? Promote yourself or a business forr only $1. We'll add a custom insert under the face. Imagine, everywhere you go prospects noticing your message and wanting to learn more. Just follow our instructions on the Custom Mobile Phone Case page.

Want to express yourself everywhere you go? For only $1, we will make a custom insert that shows the world your passion. Just follow the instructions on our Custom Mobile Phone Case page.

Use our new Third Arm neck case to carry, protect, watch videos, express or promote yourself. Plus, never lose your cellular phone again. Never drop your mobile phone again. Never miss another call on your wireless phone again.

Carry your smartphone in the horizontal or vertical position. Our adjustable lanyard makes both positions more comfortable and convenient. The lanyard features our exclusive snap clip, shaped as a human hand. Plus, the Third Arm lanyard has a quick release that rests behind your neck. This makes putting the lanyard on and take off easier. You can also purchase Third Arm adjustable lanyards separately. Visit our Adjustable Lanyards page.

The air cushioned case protects your mobile phone against shock. Yet, the case has a slim profile so that the wireless phone feels comfortable in your hand.

The small attachments that connect the Third Arm neck case to the adjustable lanyard convert into kickstands. Pivot an attachment and place your wireless phone down to watch videos or monitor messages. We ship two attachments with each Third Hand mobile phone neck case. They are easily removed. You may keep both on your neck case or only use one.

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Chatt wireless phone neck cases and belt clips are made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.