Carry mobile phone on a lanyard with maximum stablity Watch videos in the horizontal kickstand position Watch videos on the vertical kickstand position Carry your mobile phone crossbody tag Deuce lanyard strap with two clips that spring closed automatically

Use a patent pending, Deuce neck case for maximum stability when carrying your wireless phone on a lanyard strap. Having a second connection between the lanyard strap and phone case reduces the swinging motion when walking or running.

The air cushion case provides excellent shock protection. The corners protrude for extra protection and form a slight indentation for a better grip.

Carry the phone in your pocket or purse. Press a lanyard strap clip to open and separate from the case. They spring closed automatically. The metal kickstands pivot to open and close. Use two in the vertical position and one for horizontal. The kickstands are great for monitoring your texts or watching videos.

Extend the adjustable lanyard strap to carry your phone crossbody.

Stand out at work with a custom insert by using your phone as a name tag.